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  Zelda had just finished her meeting with the Royal Council, which included all her advisors and also the ambassadors from the surrounding kingdoms; the hearty and stout Gorons from the mountain ranges, the Proud and Noble Zoras from the Lakes and Seas, the Fierce and Mystical Gerudos from the dry desert and the small, but resourceful Kokiries from the forests. Even Ingo and Mutoh, who were the representatives from Lon Lon Ranch and the Carpenters Guild respectively, were there to help coordinate with the supplies of fresh milk and eggs for the needy displaced families and the rebuilding of the homes.

  And that was what the meeting was about, the rebuilding of the whole land. Hundreds of misplaced families were either staying with friends and family, putting a strain on their already cramped quarters and rapidly depleting resources or they were put into temporary shanty towns until their homes and their lives could be rebuilt. As desperate as the situation was for the Humans and the Elves alike for their families, the Zora's were much worse off. The majority of the waters they resided in, even most of the rivers and streams, were polluted with poisons that were killing off the Zoras in great numbers. With the help of all the alliance, however, the numbers were decreasing daily and with only a few new cases of getting sick or the already sick continuing to die. With a combination of fairy magic, scientists and labor workers, the waters were being cleaned up, starting with the lake it self.

  With the meeting over now, Zelda had to make sure she looked good and that her hair was decent looking for Link. She undid her knot on the top of her head and let her long brown hair down and flow over her shoulders like waterfalls. She knew she was beautiful, not because she was conceded, but because Link always told her she was the MOST Beautifulest young woman or thing in the entire world and when her hair was down he was usually speechless. She liked what she saw in the mirror and walked out of the white marbled chambers and down the arched hallway and then stepped out through the large wooden arched double doors and into the early evening sun and basked in it and felt the cool breeze brush her face which moved her hair slightly. She had been so tired of being cooped up in that meeting hall all day and she walked down the courtyard and made a left at the stables where she briefly gave Epona a few sugar cubes she always carried in a hidden pocket in her dress and petted her mane and then walked towards the Royal Guards barracks where Link was helping to train the soldiers of the newly formed alliance. As she was getting closer, she heard roaring and cheering and a lot of commotion and she turned another corner and saw a large crowd huddled together forming a rather large circle.
She walked faster towards the crowd, curious of what was going on and got caught up in the excitement of it. People that saw her and who instantly recognized her gave way to let her into the circle, while the others who were too involved at first in the events taking place, moved to the side begrudgingly until they did recognize her and they gasped and bowed their heads in respect. Zelda was eventually hand walked through the crowd and finally got to the front to see what all the fuss was about.

  After a long grueling day of training, Link and the rest of the soldiers decided to let off some steam by holding a wrestling tournament. The top underlings went first and then the higher ups. Link was chosen to represent the Royal Hyrulian Guard. It was just him and a rather large Goron who had to of out weighed him by at least 200 lbs. She recognized the sport, although she rarely seen it, it was not something for a Princess to really get into or appreciate. Even if she did not see much of it she knew the rules. Who ever was pinned to the ground on their backs with both shoulder's touching for more than a second lost the match. Link had his shirt off and had his trousers pulled up above the knees. The Goron just simply wore it's ritualistic tanned shorts with red sash around it's waist and he had big tattoos all over his chest and back.

  Both looked dirty from previous matches and had most likely been taken to the ground, but not pinned. She stared at Link's backside which now faced her and she bit her lower lip as it quivered as her eyes traced down his firm and rather well built and tanned (For an Elf.) body, from his broad shoulders to his lower back and butt. She bit her lower lip even harder almost drawing blood and blushed at herself. She just barely took stock of the fight when the big strong and heavy Goron launched it's attack at Link with great speed for it's lumbering size and humongous out stretched arms and hands reached for Link in a grab. Any other person of Link's dwarfed stature compared to the giant's, would have folded like a pretzel and would have been taken to the ground and pinned instantly and rather painfully. But Link calmly side stepped the creature keeping his hands up in front of him and open, fingers pointing toward his opponent and his legs in a good and some what low stance and grabbed onto one of the creatures massive wrists and elegantly flipped him head over heals onto it's back onto the ground. Then he simply got on top of it and proceeded to pin him. The crowd was in an uproar and were cheering and she herself yelled out to him to keep up the good work. She was proud of him and herself. She had taught him that move, since she herself was a Sheikah and he had remembered it and did the move flawlessly, almost as good as she would have done... almost...

  Link was on top straddling the large creature, which was wiggling frantically trying to get out from under him, with Link putting all of his weight and muscle strength on it's shoulders almost pinning it. But it was one thing to throw a large opponent, it was completely different to pin it while still conscience. This was a friendly match, there was no cheap shots or purposely trying to hurt the opponent or make them submit or pass out, only pin them. But Link almost had him to the surprise of the crowd and the distress of his opponent who had thought this a sure win.

  From this angle she could see him grunting with effort and the sweat dripping from his face and body, the sun reflecting off his golden toned skin, muscles straining and rippling. She had to bite her lip even harder, she was getting hot and bothered and all turned on. "Stop that!", she thought. "Not in public!". He looked like he had so much concentration going on in this match and everyone was cheering and hooting and hollering. She herself got caught up in the moment and began to cheer for her Love as well, louder and louder just when it looked like he had won... But from all the noises around him; his own, the Goron straining under him and all the cheers from the crowd, every thing seemed droned out because he was SO focused... but one voice rang clear and it was his Love's and he looked up in confusion and in desperation needing to see where and why she was screaming and yelling... was someone hurting her, scaring her!?! He looked up and saw her. She was safe and cheering him on. But as he looked up at her, with her Luxurious Long Brown Hair down, her VERY Beautiful Face and Body, his gaze met hers and his jaw dropped open from her Incredible Beauty. And in that split second that was all that it took. The Goron rolled Link over and pinned him easily to the ground with not much effort or even a sound... the match over. The cheers half shifted to gasps. They could not believe it. Link had him beat, what could have happened!?! Zelda felt embarrassed and horrified as the crowd swarmed around the winner that had defeated her Link and raised him up on their shoulders. The winning Goron was going to show good sportsmanship and help Link up and raise his hand high, but the crowd was in a mob frenzy and carried him to the local tavern to celebrate a hard days work and his win.

  Link breathed heavily on his back in the dirt taking deep breaths. It was never a good idea to have a 400 lbs Goron on top of you for any period of time. Zelda walked over slowly to him laying there, sad that it was her fault, as unintentional as it was for him losing the match and squatted next to him. Link saw her sadness and pouty face and he smiled a reassuring smile. He sat up in the dirt and told her it was ok and he was not mad at her. He should not have been so distracted, but she was just SO VERY Beautiful. She blushed and turned away. He asked her what was up and for her coming all the way over here and she replied she wanted to go on a walk with him. He began to stand and she stood up and grabbed onto his arm and helped him up. He bent over and dusted himself off and walked to the water barrel near by and dunked his head and half his body into the coolish liquid, that had been shaded by the trees, to wash some of the dirt off. He flung his head back and the water flung a great distance from his spiky dark hair. The way he looked right now; the sweat still dripping off of him still, his hair totally wet and his body tanned and slightly dirty... she could have taken him on the dirt ground and have her way with him. The crowd was already gone and faint singing and laughter could be heard from the tavern. No one was in sight... but her being a princess... The Princess of Hyrule no less, she had to be much more discrete than that. Link used a near by towel and dunked it in the water and washed himself, he scrubbed his neck, his shoulders, under his arms, his back, his chest and then his legs and then placed his brown under shirt and green outer shirt back on along with his green hat and rolled his pant legs back down.

  Link put his arm out and Zelda hooked her's through his and they walked arm in arm. "So where we going?", Link asked, not much caring as long as it was with her.

"I was thinking the apple orchid. It looks lovely with all those juicy red apples, especially this time of year.", she replied, placing her head on his right shoulder as they walked.

  The two strolled laughing and talking and discussing about their days events. Zelda explained her Royal duties to the delegation of getting Hyrule and the rest of the kingdoms up and running proficiently again, while Link talked about the training of the different troops from the different lands and how each had their own strengths and special talents.

  They had not been walking very long until they came upon the apple orchid. There were acres and acres with rows and rows of the life giving fruit trees. It was nearly the end of summer and it was about the perfect time to be harvested to be eaten plain or in pies or drunk as juice. In a day or so the farmers would be out in full force with ladders picking the sweet juicy fruit. All the trees were in full bloom with the bright green full leaves covering the tops and bright red juicy apples hanging from them in different places, reminding Zelda of decorated Christmas trees in winter. She loved Christmas, especially with Link. She was wondering what she was going to get from him this year. He always gave her the best gifts, even working extra shifts and or jobs to save enough rupees and even going with out even the basics for himself. She hated when he did that, but that was just his way of showing he loved her and she knew it and she was always grateful for his presents. He had just bought her a baby kitten she absolutely adored, a tiny black and white ball of lovable fluffiness. She had asked before what he wanted, but he always told her the same thing. He wanted nothing or needed anything besides HER. Anyone else most likely would have read off a list of things to her. She had the rupees, she WAS the Princess of Hyrule after all, but it was just nice to be thought of as just being gift enough for him. She had questioned his logic, but he merely said, "When you HAVE everything you ever wanted or needed, you don't need anything else." At first she had thought that soon he was going to be the Prince of Hyrule and that he meant he would share the kingdom with her and all the riches etc. But then she realized what he really meant. And that was that he had her and that was all he EVER Wanted or Needed. They had kissed when he had told her and it was no ordinary kiss... a VERY Passionate one.

  They walked down the rows of trees completely shaded from the evening sun that was starting it's slow decent down, but they still had a few hours of day light left. Zelda had missed lunch and she was hungry and Link felt it, that and Zelda seemed to be watering at the mouth. Link looked around all the trees to find just The PERFECT Apple... The MOST Sweetest Apple and he spotted it, two trees down and one row over, but high up in the tree. Zelda would have been happy with any apple and was already reaching for one when Link motioned to her to the apple he saw. Her eyes went wide at the sight of it. BIG, Red and Juicy looking. The PERFECT Apple. Link took a running start and practically ran up the tree and grabbed onto the lowest branch and effortlessly pulled himself up. He walked across the branch carefully, but a little too fast for her liking and he reached up and grabbed the apple. He turned toward her and then seemed to crouch down and then literally sit on the branch and swung backwards with his legs catching him so he did not fall on his head. Zelda gasped and then rolled her eyes of the spectacle. Link hanging upside down, his green hat still some how attached to his head, but his green outer shirt and brown under shirt falling up to his neck and arms and partially his face, revealing his sexy abs and chest. He tried to pull his shirt down (up), but to no avail and just gave her a funny look and breathed on the apple to get it foggy and while holding his shirt in place, wiped the apple off to clean it and handed it to her smiling. She took it and marveled at the beauty of the apple. Not a scratch, a mark or otherwise blemish. It was perfectly colored red and shaped perfectly... and the taste... she bit into the apple and juices flowed from her lips down her chin. Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head... much like when she ate some really delicious chocolate and she almost had an orgasm the apple was so sweet and juicy and she wiped the escaping juices with the back of her hand sad she had wasted even that little bit of it.

  Link swung back and then forward and released his grip on the tree branch with his legs and landed on his feet. She took notice and offered him a taste of the The MOST Sweetest Apple. But he only stared at her. In these brief few seconds, he took her all in. Her Wonderful Body, her Pretty Dress, her Elegant Hands and Neck, her VERY Beautiful Face with her Big Beautiful Bright Eyes and Long Luxurious Brown Silky Hair that flowed across her shoulders and her Sweet Red Lips. There was not a blemish on her anywhere and even if there was he would not have noticed it anyway. She was PERFECT to him and he Loved her, more than anything else in this world, including his own life and he had vowed to protect her with it no matter what.

  Zelda just stared back and then blushed, knowing what he was thinking about her, knowing how he felt about her. When he didn't reach for the apple she brought it back to her lips and took another crisp juicy bite. The apple making a "snapping" sound and again, although a little less than last time, more juices had trickled down across her lips. This time she hardly noticed and brought the apple back to his lips. When all he did was stare at her she let her hair cover part of her face hiding her left eye and did her patented "pouty face" in order for him to take a bite. He could never resist anything from her or of her when she did that even if they had just been arguing and he was still mad at her, all the anger just seemed to melt away and he would just love her and do anything for her. Some times she felt guilty with the power she held over him at times and vowed only to use it when need be in that kind of situation.

  But Link still only stared at her, seemingly lost in her eyes and then she thought he was actually going to take a bite since his own mouth began to water and he licked his lips... but instead he gently gripped her wrist and moved the apple away from his mouth. He wanted to taste some thing very sweet, but MUCH Sweeter than any apple on Earth. With intense concentration and need in his eyes and love, he put his right arm around her delicate thin waist and pulled her to him and kissed her lips. He could taste the still liquidity sweet juice of the apple and she was right... it was the sweetest apple, but the sweet juice from the fruit of the Gods failed in comparison to her own sweet lips and flowing juices. He pressed his lips passionately against hers and she did not pull away and pressed just as hard to his lips, both in desperate need of each other's love. Such Soft, Firm and Tender Juicy Red Lips he thought. She still had the habit of biting and picking at her lips when she was nervous or upset, but he didn't even notice.

  She put her left hand on his strong right shoulder and he let go of her right wrist and brought his left hand to the right side of her face and held her even tighter in his loving embrace. With her right hand free she lost all control from the kiss and her hand went to her side and being so distracted lost the grip of the apple, but she hardly noticed or even much cared. The apple went tumbling into the dirt where it rested. However, Link was still holding onto the Greatest Gift in the world and he was kissing and tasting The Sweetest Apple.....
I made this for a friend with descriptions of her...

The inspiration for the story was from this picture from IMW83. Very nicely drawn.

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TheLegendofLuigi Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I believe it is Hylian, not elvish, as there basically are no legitimate humans in the Zelda series, I love the conceptual idea, but I'd rather you use more descriptive vocabulary that use BIG BOLD letters to emphasize a point. Still good job!
LinkNZeldaForever Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012
Again, this is not going to be 100% accurate. Link is elfish and there are humans in the Zelda series, at the very least in Twilight Princess per the wiki. Although you got me again with Hylian and not Hyrulian, a point I already made to you and most likely wont change, I get tired of using the same exact words, so mixing it up with "elvish", as in races with long ears, will do. Lastly I have no idea what you mean with your last statement. You would rather me what? I write the way I want to write. How much more descriptive do you want me to be exactly? I also write so others who may not be as familiar with LoZ as I am (Apparently even I am not that familiar according to some...) can still understand.
TheLegendofLuigi Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You highlight some words using bold lettering to get past a point, but try to transfer the feeling through descriptive words.
LinkNZeldaForever Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012
The bold lettering IS the point. Those words are to define that person or that moment etc. I like keeping it simple and basic for most things, but some times I do get more descriptive. Not that the person I was writing for is not intelligent. That person is even more intellectually gifted than most and defiantly more so than I. These stories was for that person and that person alone until it was suggested for me to post them here. Now I am sharing them with everyone else.

All the short stories I have written so far have those bold, those italics, and in some instances, those underlines and they will not change. Now my future writings may not have them... it is actually quite time consuming to type those things over and over again. (I do not see any short cuts like in other forums or websites.) But I did not mind doing all that because I meant what I had typed and wanted to show it... I still do to be honest... I hope you can look past that and still enjoy my stories, but they will be staying in for all stories already written and or currently being written for and that already have them. Future stories may not have them, I will have to see.
TheLegendofLuigi Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I do, I was just suggesting a slight change in your style of writing, which is very good!

I hope you continue writing and building upon your experiences!
LinkNZeldaForever Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
Thank you and I will try.
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