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  Link, with Navi  by his side, had made it through all the levels of the dark twisted castle, which once was the Castle of Hyrule and the epicenter of the kingdom, the shining symbol of peace and prosperity, until Ganon used his dark influence and evil power to twist and corrupt it like he had most of the land.  Link had traveled long and far, even traversing seven years and missing his entire childhood to get here.  He could hear an organ being played, which was odd to him, as he ran up the stairs.  This stairwell seemed to be the longest of them all, it was carpeted in lush red and the winding staircase's brick walls had stained glass windows on both sides.  He really did not have time to look at them, but he caught glimpses of the history unfolded from Ganon's point of view... Link guessed the winner gets to tell the history as they see fit.  The last one that caught his eye was unfinished, but had Ganon super imposed and hovering over Hyrule and the world like a god, with him holding all three Triforces above his head and the land of Hyrule and the rest of the world being rebuilt in his dark image.  Who ever was behind this door had to know he was on his way up here, why would he not be preparing himself, unless this was Ganon and he did not fear Link.  Link had to keep reminding himself, he was not a little boy anymore.  He was a man.  Even if over night he had become one, he was one none the less and the last savior of Hyrule.

  He got to the double golden doors of the room breathing some what hard from all the fights he had gone through to get this far and also from the stairs he had to climb to get to these very doors.  He grabbed onto one of the golden ordained handles and twisted it and opened the door.  The sound of the pipe organ rang loud and clear as he stepped through the archway and looked around him briefly in awe.  It was magnificent!  Every thing was cast in fabulous red velvet carpet and wall hangings. Gold statues and delicate porcelain vases and other such priceless treasures and heirlooms lined the walls and the floor.  Compared to the rest of the castle or even most of Hyrule, this was the most lavish and the most respectable room.  Link was dumb struck by it all.  And there was Ganon, seemingly oblivious to him or not caring enough to even turn around or acknowledge his presence, standing up the stairs in front of the massive pipe organ slightly hunched over playing his evil melancholy music with his back to the door.

  Link was still wide eyed at the beauty of this room, which proved Ganon was really a mega maniac, since the rest of Hyrule was suffering under his tyranny and he was living in the lapse of luxury.  People were lucky to have enough food to feed their own children, much less themselves, while this guy sat prim and proper on his stolen throne of gold.  Then something else caught his eye, something MUCH MORE Valuable and Beautiful than any of the other stuff in the room.  Floating meters above Ganon and the pipe organ was a large crystal in the shape of a massive pink rupee.  It shimmered and shined from the torches and chandeliers hanging on the walls and ceiling.  It had to be the Biggest and MOST Valuable rupee in all of Hyrule... but it wasn't the rupee it self that was SO PRICELESS, but what was held captive inside it.  It was the Stunningly Gorgeous, if not scared and horrified, Princess Zelda that was held captive inside the crystal force field.  She could not free herself and he was unsure how much oxygen was even inside that thing, although it being a magical contraption, he was sure it must have it's own breathable air supply.  Besides, Ganon did not want her dead... that would be to easy for her.  Link did not even want to think about the plans Ganondorf had for Zelda.  He took a step closer thinking if he could just get close enough, either he could surprise him and make him surrender or, if need be, kill him with not much trouble.

  But as he took that first step closer he froze dead in his tracks.  He felt a tingling sensation in his left hand as the mark of the Triforce began to glow golden over his golden gauntlet and he felt a warming sensation.  Then the bottom right triangle began to glow bright gold and seemed to shimmer as the symbol of Courage.  As it faded back to the normal color he looked up at the gasp from Zelda and saw that she herself was looking at her own right hand as the bottom left triangle of the Triforce glowed brilliant gold through her white gloved hand as the symbol of Wisdom.

  Then after a few more moments the music abruptly stopped.  Ganon, with his back still towards Link, began speaking.  ["The Triforce parts are resonating...  They are combining into one again...  The two Triforce parts that I could not capture on that day seven years ago...  I didn't expect would be hidden within you two!"]  He pauses and laughs evilly as he stands up straight.  ["And now, finally, all the Triforce parts have gathered here!"]  He begins to turn slowly and then quickly he finishes his turn and throws his cape out dramatically and continues, ["These toys are too much for you!  I command you to return them to me!"]  As he says that, he raises his right fist in front of him, the back of his black gauntleted hand faces Link, as the symbol of the Triforce glows golden as it did with both Link and Zelda onto it, except this time, the Triforce of Power glowed blazingly golden at the top triangle.

  After he says that, he throws out his opened right hand and a purplish black wave of dark matter shoots from the palm of his hand towards Link, surrounding him in it.  Navi, who had been his faithful companion and who was ready to give her own tiny life for him, knows she can do nothing to help him.  She is being forced backward from him as she exclaims in a panicky and sorrowful voice, ["Link!  I can't help you!  Because of the waves of darkness, I can't get close!  I am sorry Link!"].  Link had his hands up partially to try and block the dark energies that seemed to come out of no where and he turned just in time to see Navi get flung into the wall and collapsed.

  Soon the dark energies were gone and Link stood there by himself.  He had had Navi by his side this entire time... and even if she could be somewhat annoying... he missed her, he did not feel totally complete without her.  Yes she could talk a lot, but she also gave wise and helpful advice and important clues he never would have thought of on his own and she comforted him on his long and lonely journey... and now she was gone or at least out of the fight.  It was hard to see if she was still breathing or even alive.  But he could not take his eyes off of Ganon if he had any possibility of defeating him.

  Link stole a glance at Zelda though.  Her elegant hands, which were still in her royal white gloves, were placed on the pink prison crystal in frustration that she herself could do nothing for her Love as well...  All this time spent, seven years of training as a Sheikah, an assassin against Evil and a protector of the Good and now she could do nothing.  Link had lost his childhood over night and it must have been quite a shock to him, she worried for him.  But at least he lost it instantly and did not have to go through seven years of hell losing her childhood to the training.  Losing her father and watching all of Hyrule succumb to the darkness of Evil slowly.  Oh it did not happen over night.  It was a slow process.  First the castle and the kingdom was taken over by hideous nasty creatures; hobgoblins, skeletons, demons and the like.  The Royal Guard had fought valiantly, but to no avail.  The castle and the enclosed town was over taken.  Her father was killed as an example and the towns people either successfully fled or was captured and used as forced labor to build this new dark and twisted castle or used as sex slaves being forced to do all sorts of unthinkable acts of depravity for Ganon and his evil band of henchmen's dark sadistic pleasures.  Zelda shivered silently... she had no doubt Ganon had some truly evil and horrible plans for her if her Love was defeated in combat.  She silently prayed to the Gods for her Love's triumph, but not just for herself, but for Link and for all of Hyrule... this had to stop and it had to end here!

  Ganon had his arms crossed in front of him.  He looked cool, cocky and confident.  After all, he had the Triforce of Power. He could do things no one else could even dream of.  He was Lord over all of Hyrule and soon after that, the world.  Ganon seemed to take a deep breath, not even worried about the supposed "Hero of Time", standing only a few meters away down the stairs, and he began to speak in a condescending tone.  "I remember when you were just a baby, Link.  Both you and Zelda, just a couple of innocent children.  I had come to pacify this land of all Goodness and Light and to free the people of Hyrule and the world of blind and ignorant allegiance to the Three Goddesses.  They made you people weak and diluted to what the world should really be like.  Stories and fairy tales made up to keep the ignorant people believing and supporting the church and to tell their children at bed time to either give hope or to frighten them to go to sleep depending on the tale.  I came with my arms wide open to show you the true path, the path of POWER!  But how do you weaklings repay me!?!  With swords and spears and armies of your so called Royal Guard!  Then the townspeople fought against my ideals and did not want to worship me as they had done with their supposed precious Three Goddesses.  They could not even see them nor did the Three Goddesses do any thing for them.  You take a few young girls and women for your own pleasure and force the men and boys into forced labor to build your unholy home and people can get into such a tiff.  I tried to make them see the error of their ways... but they were reluctant and rebellious... so they had to be punished!  I had the entire town destroyed, raped, tortured and murdered, the whole lot of them, although sadly a few escaped..."

  All the while he was saying this, his face was of one who was reminiscing and gloating over his accomplishments.  When he mentioned the part of making the towns people see the error of his ways, he actually had a sad look on his face, almost of apprehension of what he had done, as if he was the innocent party in all this or had not known any better.  But soon of course his sick and twisted evil grin returned to his smug ugly face, as he continued his one sided conversation.

  "I was hoping to capture Princess Zelda and have her rule by my side as my Queen when she was old enough... but that whore of a nurse maid... that Sheikah Impa, took her from me and hid her well... even trained the ungrateful bitch to be a Sheikah herself... the LAST of the Sheikah actually..."  Ganon laughed at his realization and Zelda screamed at him with tears filling her lovely eyes as the wet droplets rolled down her soft cheeks.  Ganon just chuckled to himself.  "Don't worry my dear... there will still be at least one Sheikah left... but after our wedding you can cry all you want, for now, just watch your Love die by my hands."  He turns his attention back to Link below him.  "So tell me BOY!... are you prepared to meet your end?  Such a short life you had.  A Koriki boy for Goddesses only knows how long, but a man but only for a few days... I bet you had thought this would turn out all ok and you would have saved the Princess and you both would have lived happily ever after like all the fairy tales told to children.  I admit, you got this far, but the moment you walked through those doors, you forfeited your life.  A shame really, I would ask you to be my 1st Lt in my glorious Dark Army, but knowing you, you would just refuse it.  So I wont even bother asking you.  But maybe I will let you live as my prisoner until after the wedding night and I will tell you how she was.  I am sure you will be able to hear her screaming and crying all the way from my bed chambers."  He licks his lips at that thought looking back up at the lovely, but distressed Zelda.  He tried to peer under her dress, but it was far too long for him.  He snorted... after he got done with this twerp it would not be much longer before he made her his love slave.  Then he sighed and looked back down at his opponent.  "I tire of this, you have not said a single word the entire time.  I am a busy man and I have things to do.  I was hoping for more from you than you just standing there looking like a defenseless little puppy."

  He cracks his knuckles enjoying the power he felt over both of them.  He threw his hands up and began to rise off the floor, levitating with his dark power coming from his hands.  The room seemed to dim around him, the walls seemed to disappear and Zelda held in captivity seemed to be removed from the room as well.  The only thing that was left was an impenetrable darkness all around him that was a few meters away and the stairwell in front of Link with the two statues of angels holding onto the Triforce and Ganon and the wall behind him... even the lavish pipe organ had vanished.

  Ganon was right though, Link had not said a word since Ganon had started speaking.  And besides when he had mentioned hurting his Love and he had clenched his fits and gritted his teeth, Link had not moved either.  Link did not have a problem talking... he knew he had no problem talking to Zelda... he knows he could spend every day and night with her talking and listening to her for hours on end if she let him.  But when faced with an opponent, he was a man of very few words.  With Ganon's speech over he began his fateful last steps up the stairs towards his destiny.  "Heaven and Hell be DAMNED!!!", he thought to himself.  He would not allow Zelda to be hurt by anyone, much less by what this guy was proposing to do to her.  Ganon just smiled down at him as he hovered a meter or so off the red carpeted floor, swaying side to side a bit, waiting in anticipation.

  Link's steps were slow and deliberate.  He WAS a man now regardless what Ganon told him and he would not allow him to frighten him.  He also had the part of the Triforce of Courage and that was helping him as well.  And he had his ivory, very light, woven Elven chain mail shirt, which was directly under his green tunic and he had the Hyrulian Shield on his right hand and his Master Sword sheathed on his back with the Golden Gauntlets on his hands which almost matched Ganon's strength it self... almost... Navi, who he assumed, was still only hopefully unconsciousness against the wall that was now darkened and Zelda was safe somewhere even if still imprisoned.  At least while he had Ganon's attention, he could not hurt her..., but how long could he keep it and how long could he himself last against such a strong and powerful opponent.  Of all the enemies he had fought, this he felt had to be the strongest and hardest, he could just feel it. Even though he had fought giant creatures many times his size and weight and even evil spirits... this one man... this demon spawn from Hell had controlled them all, even if he looked just like an ordinary human for the most part.

  As Link was nearing only a few steps to the top, his only reply to the entire conversation was the silent move of his left hand reaching for the handle of his Master Sword that was sheathed on his back.  He gripped the handle and felt the well worn leather.  Even though he only had the Master Sword for a few days of consciousness... he had used it many many times.  The blade however was still honed to a perfect edge and shined, as if newly crafted.  Any other ordinary sword would have been, at the very least, scratched and possibly chipped if not repeatedly sharpened.  But not the Master Sword.  It was ancient... some say as ancient as Hyrule itself or even almost as ancient the Goddesses themselves...

  And the only audible reply to the long winded speech of Ganon's, was the clear and definite familiar sound of the sword blade being pulled from it's protective sheath in a "Shrrrreeeeeeet" sound.  As Link finally reached the top, he finally spoke.  For the first time he had gotten to the room he spoke... but it was not so much words, but more of a sound... a sound so familiar to the friends he had fought side by side with and even more familiar to all the enemies he had fought against and who had fallen at his feet.  As he planted his left foot on the top of the stair case and his sword was out and pointed back and low towards the floor, Link lunged at the gloating and floating Ganondorf.  The one sound everyone was so familiar with and the one Ganon would hear now and hopefully would be his last...  Link screamed out his FURY and his  RAGE, for all the friends he had lost or those forced to become Sages because of this.  For his stolen childhood.  To all the people in Hyrule and the surroundings areas who had suffered and or died.  To his fallen comrade Navi and especially to the one he loved the MOST in this horrible terrible world, Zelda...  He leapt at the levitating Ganon, his sword over his head, his face full of anger and he let out his death cry, "YyyeeeeHhhaaaaaaaa!!!" Now came The Final Showdown...
A story I made with this drawing in mind from Leftee007.


Quite an amazing picture, I love the art work and the color. Very nice!
Zelink5 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012
LinkNZeldaForever Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012
Thank you! =^_^= However, I usually try not to dead pan the exact same things that we already know happens in the games. Most of my stories start after the games that we all know and love or at least side quests with in them. I added a little extra flair to this and figured I would describe it how I imagine it would really be. The N64 is quite an old system and thus could not show it like they could on the GC with Twilight Princess. But the N64 is by no means shabby, but that is a totally different discussion. :plotting: Thanks again! :aww:
Zelink5 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2012
Well it worked! IT's ana amazing pic! Describes this scene perfectly!
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