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Submitted on
February 5, 2013
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I am done.
I've given up.
I'm through...

I am tired of trying,
tired of crying and
tired of people like You...

In all my miserable life,
people have kicked me,
treated me like dirt...

Only a few have gained my trust and my heart.
But then soon they too stabbed me in the back,
twisting it to the hilt, opening up old wounds...

To watch me bleed out slowly in agony,
their stained hands still holding the blade,
as my blood drips to the cold hard cracked floor...

Each time with the most wicked of smiles,
as if their joy is to torment and upset me.
To make me suffer and hurt more than the last...

Each one had known the pain I harbored,
from past failed relationships with no love.
Each promised to treat me better, to be different...

But in the end they were just as bad,
as the ones that came before them
and some times even much worse...

They used and abused me.
Kept me around as a rebound
and then tossed me away like trash...

To ignore me completely,
never to speak to me again,
as if to wipe me from existence...

I'm only good for a short distraction,
to buy them things that they wanted
or to get away from their family...

Never am I loved for me,
for what I can provide
or what I can do...

God forbid I can't play the guitar,
or have my own family to share,
or vast wealth to give away...

Near or far, younger or older,
it makes no difference,
it never works out...

I try to be me, but I am not good enough.
I try to be someone else and it is the same.
So screw it!  What is the point!?

People tell me,
never to give up,
never be beaten...

But being rejected
time and again,
does nothing for me.

So I resign myself to my fate.
I am abandoning all hope,
needs, dreams and desires...

If I am going to suffer,
and feel worthless,
I am going to do it on my own...

No more thoughts of You,
no more plans for the future
and no more caring for anything...

I'll be alone.
I'll live alone
and I'll die alone...

I hope You're happy.
I hope you are All happy.
Cause I'm not and never will be...

I Quit.....
It has been a while since I posted a poem... And what a great way to start the month of Love. Happy early Valentine's Day... :( :no: :depressed:
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Felicia-Neko Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
this is so sad.. but I can relate to this and thnat feeling is horrible :( i know everybody will tell you not to give up and such.. same here but.. I know these words are just words but everybody wants to support you in this..

Not everybody,:no:  thus my conundrum.  :depressed:


But thanks just the same.

Uggh! People make me but they break me faster!
I am sorry? :? They make you, but break you faster?
I worded that wrong didn't I...
I think perhaps yes... What did you mean? :?
I meant that although people make my life amazing sometimes, they can really make it suck too. And sometimes, when they make it suck, it hurts more than the amazing things made us happy. Make sense, or does it only make sense in my head?
No, it makes perfect sense and is true. Although, I am sure some people will say that it is the individual him or her self that is responsible for taking what ever life throws at them and making it into something happy or to always have a good attitude. To walk away unscathed. But being treated only like crap and or pretty much ignored all the time, makes one not happy. :shrug:
CakeMiner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I will make you feel better by watching you :iconhugplz: I will do what ever it takes > : (
Thanks... Cute avatar.
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