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October 21, 2012
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Drow Slave Market 1-1

  Ketriana was sitting in a cage along with the last of her village, all females, a top soft fur rugs which housed about a dozen of them, but could hold many more.  The cage was made of strong steel bars that let access for easy viewing, but no escape, not even as small as most of these young girls were.  Or entry into, in case people on the outside wanted to use and abuse the merchandise before paying.

  There were no males present inside the cage with her, they had all been killed when their village was attacked by marauders, lead by a famous Drow catcher, an old Dwarf named Kimel, she thought...  No one wants to buy males anyway, it was the girls that could fetch a handsome price.  Unless you were a Gnome who was even smaller than a Drow, but wrinkly and ugly little creatures.  Then maybe a young Drow male may come in handy for carrying a heavy work load, but no Gnomes were here in the city of Dralik to bother with anyway.

  And the soft seating was not for the girls comfort.  Many would rather them burn alive, let alone allowed to live.  No, that was so their knees and rumps would not be bruised by the hard flooring.  No one wants to buy an injured Drow at top price, when the buyer would much rather take the pleasure upon themselves to produce the bruised knees and asses themselves...

  The killing, selling, buying and slavery of Drows were legal here.  Everyone hated them.  Despised them even.  The only good Drow was a dead Drow to most.  Their eyes were red, purple or white.  Her's were a soft lavender.  They were dark skinned like soft smooth ash and had hair of snow drift and they were some of the shortest and in some people's eyes, the loveliest bed mates.  Mostly due in part to their small stature; she was 4'4" and 70 lbs and she was slightly smaller than most Drow females.  And there was no law against the miss treatment or even snuffing of one.  In fact, it was encouraged...  They also were hairless, minus their eye brows and healthy head of hair...  Many a man would pay dearly for one...

  The girl was all alone.  None of her family was here, she had witnessed her entire family; her grandmother, father, mother and two older brothers killed right in front of her.  Her mother actually being gang raped, beaten and choked and then had her throat cut as she was screaming, just inches from her face.  Both females had their hands restrained unfairly behind their backs, as the brutal men laughed with sadistic pleasure.  Ketriana was only spared, because it was thought that she would fetch a forutne, since she was so young and pretty and a virgin.  She also had no close friends with her anymore, only neighbors.  The girls were chained to one another and to the cage itself, with strong metal manacles that clasped around their necks, wrists and ankles, with their wrists being behind their back.  They were magically infused to drain anyone of magical ability, to keep them from using them in an attempt to escape or harm their captors.

  These girls were fresh and had just been cleaned up after their long journey.  Like her, they were all naked to the world, to show what the perspective buyers were getting, with only their long hair to try to hide them.  And everyone would be sold today.  It was a grand selection of fine female Drow specimens, except for the one older one.

  She sat there, tears running down her face, huddled with the others, scared to death.  She was a novice cleric.  She had no means of attack, but she could heal.  But all she was now was property and soon either a house maid of some kind or a bed slave or both.  She had heard stories of young girls her age being forced into sex.  It was not a very nice tale...

  It was becoming high noon and the auction was about to begin and the bidding would be proceeded shortly there after.  A mighty fine crowd had gathered, of many different back grounds; Humans, High Elves, and Orcs, among a few others.  Mostly men; some old, some not so old, and even a few women were in the crowd, along with some children who had nothing better to do.  Their was no shame in what was about to occur.  These foul creatures were getting just what they deserved in the eyes of the people, some even thought better than they deserved.

  One of the Dwarves opened the cage and undid the chain from the oldest of the females, from both the wall and the captive next to her.  She was brought onto the podium; that was covered to keep the sun off their living merchantdise, with no effort at all, although the other younger girls tried to shrink away from the man, and held out for all to see.  She was the only one who actually had clothing on, but also the dirtiest.  They had not even bothered to clean her up, still having mud and dirt caked on her face, hands and feet, being that she was older than generally desirable.

  A rather frivolously dressed Dwarf in red and purple, with greyish white in both his hair and in his long beard and mustache, stepped forward who jingled as he walked.  Maybe tiny bells on his person to annouce his arrival or just by mere coinage in his purse...  He carried a pain stick; a long magic rod infused with the power of shock which can cause great distress, but not actually mark a person, announced in standard, that the bidding would start at five gold pieces.   Standard was the language most races understood to some degree and Ketriana did partially, although it was outlawed to know anything more than the basics, just what could be understood of orders from their employer when caught.  They were defiantly not meant to learn to read and even speak at anything higher than a kindergarten level and of course any type of magic was strictly prohibited.

  Everyone was quiet.  Not a person made a sound.  The Dwarf, either with exaggerated hand gestures or while keeping both hands on his overly large belt and somtimes one hand would stroke his money pouch, continued.  "Surely this Drow is worth five gold pieces.  You can do as you wish with her, but she looks to be a housemaid of some sort.  Surely she could do as a reasonable nanny."

  "I will give you two gold pieces for her!", a middle aged woman, a little younger than the Drow herself being auctioned, announced from the crowd.  She raised her arm up with two fingers pointing in the air emphasizing on the amount.

  Everyone looked at her and the Dwarf chuckled.  "Miss, we all know Drows themselves are not worth the air they breath, but surely you can see that she is worth more than two gold for the manual labor she can produce.  I will settle for four gold pieces, Ma'am.", and he pushed his hand out towards the woman in the crowd, but for everyone to see, with four stubby fingers up for emphasis.

  The human female raised an eyebrow and looked at the Drow standing on stage.  "She does not even look like much and is dirty and filthy to boot!  I suppose I will have to wash and clean her myself, outside of course.  I do not want that vermin in my house unless she is working!  I will give you three gold for her and not a piece more!", she said, hands on her hips and her foot tapping the ground with impatience.  Her face looked uglier and meaner than even some of the Orc males in the crowd.

  The Dwarf shook his head and sighed.  This Bitch truly would not fetch a good price.  In truth, he had already known this.  That was why they had not bothered washing her or even feeding her.  Although he was sure the other captives had shared their meager rations themselves.  Next time he thought, he would just slit all the throats who were too old and looked over thirty in human standards.  It was just too much effort.  "Come now my good people, do I hear four gold pieces for this woman.  She wont give much trouble and..."

  One of the men in the crowd interrupted him and shouted, "And I bet she wont give much else either!".  And there was a loud laughter from the crowd and another male chimed in, "Nor would anyone want to force her to!".  And the crowd went up in an uproar, even the little boys, although it was doubtful they knew what the men were making a joke of actually.  The women in the crowd just shook their heads and looked some what appalled, some even placing their dainty gloved hands to their mouths.  They knew what most men did to their captives, even what their own husbands did to them...  Better for a Drow female to take that sort of punishment and abuse then themselves or their children... yet to have to hear it publicly... Even still though... even sometimes themselves, if the mood was right and it caught their fancy, the woman would enjoy their pretty slaves as well...

  The Dwarf thought it better to cut his loses where they lie.  He had plenty of other younger and more appealing females to make a profit on.  "Well Madam, you drive a hard bargain, but three gold pieces it is."

  The woman walked up to the stage and fumbled with her change purse, while thinking of haggling the price down even further, since he had tried to sell it for even higher to another.  But she sighed and pulled out three gold coins.  The Dwarf bent slightly over the stage, being so short and stout as he already was and bit into each gold piece.  He felt his teeth sink slightly in and dropped the pieces into his gold pouch on his hip, bringing the pouch which was strapped to his pants to his ear, giddy of the sound of clanging coin on coin and ordered one of his men to take off her restraints.

"Wait, aren't going to leave them on?", the buyer questioned, almost gasping.  "What if she is magic adept!?"

"And what if she is!?", the old wiry man said with a big toothy grin, twiddling his rather long mustache with his fingers and his eyes growing larger like a wolf.  "You get what you paid for.  Three gold coins gets you the woman.  Four would have gotten you the shackles.  And five gold pieces would have had her hand delivered to your door, gift wrapped if you like." and he held out a stubby hand and showed his fingers to her counting for emphasis, "We can provide you with rope, but you will have to tie her yourself.", he said with a knowing and rueful smile.

  The woman snarled and shook her head.  She reopened her change purse and pulled out another gold coin.  "This is highway robbery I tell you!  I should not even buy this Dark from you, you old short white haired greedy bearded Bastard!  And just let her stay in your care, since we both know no one else will bother with payment for her!", she half shouted at him and half grumbled to herself.

  He took it and tested it again for it's authenticity and then after dropping it also into his pouch gleefully, reordered his men to put the clamps back on.  Then they walked her down to the new owner who took the chain that was attached to her neck and tugged and pulled on it cruelly, away from the crowd, taking her new purchase with her, cussing the entire time.  "Filthy fucking animal!  Wait till we get home... the trouble you have already caused me and I just bought you....."
After being inspired from a marvelous artist and story teller, I came up with my own version of events. This is my version of a Dark Elf Slave Market. Drows are hated entirely (As most versions do.), except that it appears slavery is in full swing and that Drows are in large supply.

Beautiful, enchanting, and helpless or at least when caught is my view. If you have any questions on how they should look, just take a look at his page. He has done a lot of great work and his stories are awesome as well. It is like reading a picture book. I sure would like to draw like that.

Anyway, this is a four part series. Enjoy!

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